The directorate is composed of Finance and Planning, Procurement and Accounts departments


The directorate was established to undertake the following functions:

  1. To ensure that the resources of the County Assembly are used in a way that is lawful and authorized, effective, efficient and economical.
  2. To ensure that adequate arrangements are made for the proper use, custody, safeguarding and maintenance of County Assembly property.
  3. To ensure that the department uses best efforts to prevent damages that may be done to the financial interests of the County Assembly.


1.Procurement section.

Procurement is a section under the Finance department and its mandate is to procure goods, works and services at the right price, quantity, quality and at the right time in conformity with the Constitution of Kenya 2010, the Public Procurement Assets and Disposal Act, 2015, The Public Finance Management Act 2012 and relevant regulations.

Procurement department Objectives are;

  • Effective procurement planning of goods, works and services.
  • Adherence to the Constitution of Kenya 2010, the Public Procurement Assets and Disposal Act, 2015, The Public Finance Management Act,2012 and relevant regulations.
  • Achievement of cost savings and value for money.
  • Co-ordination of Supply Chain Management activities.
  • Reporting to relevant Oversight authorities as mandated by law.
  • Inventory management and control.
  • Effective records management.
  • Setting of re-order levels to avoid stock-out and overstocking of goods in stores.
  • Periodic and Annual stock-taking.
  • Documenting all procurement activities and filing records accordingly.
  • Safe custody of procurement records.
  • Maintenance of all procurement registers and accounting documents.

2. Budget Section.


The County Assembly Budget office is a non-partisan professional office of the Siaya County Assembly whose primary function is to provide timely and objective information and analysis concerning the County Budget and other plan policies/documents. The office provides technical support on information relating to Public Finance Management (PFM) and financial oversight to members of the County Assembly.

The objectives of the department are:

  1. To offer objective, professional and non-partisan advisory services to the committees of the assembly to ensure adherence to statutory requirements on county government planning policy documents, budget preparation and approval and budget implementation reports.
  2. To provide budget related information to the budget committee and other committees of the County Assembly.
  3. To study budget proposals and trends and where appropriate suggest changes in the content or format of such proposals or trends.
  4. To prepare analytical reports/briefs on budgetary projections and other plan policies/documents and provide options on how to reduce budget deficit.
  5. To provide advisory services to the committees of the county assembly.
  6. To establish and foster such relationships with the county treasury and other stakeholders with interest in budgetary matters, as is necessary for the efficient and effective discharge of our mandate.
  7. To undertake independently or in collaboration with any appropriate person or institution any other study or activity likely to assist in carrying out the functions specified above.