The mandate of the directorate includes providing procedural and legislative support, administrative support and committee services/ duties.

The Directorate discharges the following duties and responsibilities:

  1. Preparation of the draft Parliamentary calendar for approval by the House;
  2. Preparation, processing and circulation of the weekly Programme of Business, Order papers and the resultant Votes and Proceedings of the National Assembly;
  • Provision of procedural advice to the House Leadership, Members, Clerk of the House, Staff and members of the public on parliamentary procedures, traditions, practices, conventions and processes;
  1. Coordinates and supervises functions and operations of Committees of the Assembly ensuring that the committees, being the engine of the House, operate within their mandates and are properly facilitated to perform their oversight function effectively and efficiently

The directorate is organized into four departments; Committee Services,   Procedural and Legislative services, Sergeant at arm and legal services:

  1. Legal Services
  • Provide legal advice
  1. Procedural and Legislative Services
  • Provide administrative and procedural support to the house
  • Committee Services
  • Enhance legislation, oversight and representation
  • Monitor implementation of policy and program
  • Facilitate public participation and awareness
  1. Sergeant at Arms
  • Chamber and ceremonial duties
  • Estate management and housekeeping
  • Maintenance of order and decorum
  • Protection of life and property