Rt. Hon. George Owino Okode, MBS – Speaker

The Rt. Hon. George Owino Okode, MBS is the Speaker of the County Assembly of Siaya.

He was overwhelmingly elected as Speaker of the Third County Assembly of Siaya on Tuesday, 20th, September, 2022 after garnering 38 out of the 40 votes cast.

Speaker Okode is serving as the County Assembly Speaker for the third uninterrupted term having been elected for the first time in March 2013. He attributes this fete to his open-door policy and regular consultations with the Members of the County Assembly.

The Hon. Speaker Okode is a distinguished advocate of the High Court of Kenya and possesses exceptional grasp of parliamentary practices and procedures.

Speaker Okode observes that the relationship between the County Assembly and the County Executive should be based on the understanding that oversight is not policing or compromise.

For three months, Speaker Okode acted as Siaya County Governor in 2013 when the High Court nullified the election of Governor Cornel Rasanga