Matters relating to coordination, control and monitoring of the County budget, discuss and review the estimates and make recommendations to the County Assembly; examine the County Fiscal Strategy Paper presented to the County Assembly; examine Bills related to the national budget, including Appropriations Bills; and evaluate tax estimates, economic and budgetary policies and programs with direct budget outlays.


  1. Sylvester Madialo             -Chairperson
  2. Susan Okwirry                   -Vice Chairperson
  3. Andrew Omwende                  – Member
  4. Philip Oluoch                           – Member
  5. Francis Otiato                          – Member
  6. BenardAdalla                           – Member
  7. Mark Okeyo                             – Member
  8. Agnes Awita                             – Member
  9. Edwin Martin Otieno             – Member
  10. Booker Washington Bonyo   -Member
  11. Dorothy Oinga                         – Member
  12. James Otare                             – Member
  13. Eunice Achieng’                      – Member