The Committee shall be responsible for –

  1. receiving and considering views of members on the services and facilities provided for their benefit and well being and
  2. advising and reporting on all matters connected to the services and facilities provided for members welfare.
  3. Any matters that shall be referred to the Committee by the resolution of the House, by the Speaker.



  1. Hon. Irine Shirley         -Chairperson
  2. Hon. Samuel Siguru     -Vice Chairperson
  3. Hon. Peter Odero Oor        -Member
  4. Hon. Samuel Olasi              -Member
  5. Hon. Carren Ayika              -Member
  6. Hon. Benard Adalla            -Member
  7. Hon. Joseph Mboha           -Member
  8. Hon. Simeon Ousa             -Member
  9. Hon. Joseph Wandera          -Member