The Committee shall –Consider all matters related to statutory instruments and if they are in accord with the provisions of the Constitution, the Act pursuant to which it is made or other relevant written law, including the following:

  1. Contains imposition of taxation;
  2. Directly or indirectly bars the jurisdiction of the Courts;
  3. Involves expenditure from the County Revenue Fund or other public revenues;
  4. Defective in its drafting;
  5. Has administrative powers;
  6. Delegates legislative powers;
  7. Is an enabling legislation;




  1. Cynthia Akinyi           – Chairperson
  2. DorahAbonyo             -Vice Chairperson         
  3. Alice Odhiambo              – Member
  4. Michael Otieno               – Member
  5. Fredrick Oloo                  – Member
  6. Eunice Achieng               – Member
  7. SilvesterMadialo             – Member
  8. Felix Okumu                     -Member
  9. Shallom Oduor                 – Member