The Committee shall –

  1. Prepare and, if necessary, from time to time adjust the County Assembly Calendar with the approval of the County Assembly;
  2. Monitor and oversee the implementation of the County Assembly Business and programs.
  3. Implement the Standing Orders respecting the scheduling or programming of the business of the County Assembly and the functioning of the Committees of the County Assembly;
  4. Determine the order in which the reports of Committees shall be debated in the County Assembly;
  5. May take decisions and issue directives and guidelines to prioritize or postpone any business of the County Assembly acting with the concurrence of the Leader of the Majority Party or the Leader of the Minority Party, as the case may be.

Consider such matters as may from time to time arise in connection with the business of the County Assembly and shall have and perform such powers and functions as are conferred on and ascribed to it by the Standing Orders or from time to time by the County Assembly.


  1. Hon. George Okode            -Chairperson
  2. Hon. AndericusOdongo    -Vice Chairperson
  3. Hon. Edwin Martin Otieno     -Member
  4. Hon. ScholasticaMadowo        -Member
  5. Hon. Seth Ochieng’ Baraka     -Member
  6. Hon. Shalom OduorOtieno     -Member
  7. Hon. Emily Agnes Awita         -Member
  8. Hon. Justus ObuyaOguta        -Member
  9. Hon. Simon Angule                  -Member